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Comments from Our Valued Customers
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"Dear Water Specialist,
Both of your technicians were excellent, both in their work and in their manner in replacing our well pump and pressure tank and all the necessary plumbing in relocating the pressure tank to be more convenient. (The technician) came by and diagnosed our problem and concluded that the pump would probably need to be replaced.
We still had Christmas company and the weather was very bad so we decided to make do with the old pump until they left. Unfortunately, the pump failed on the thirty-first. I called you and the technician who had duty on January first came out in very bad weather and replaced the pump. (The technician) came baack the next day and replaced the pressure tank and other necessary work. Both technicians were excellent.

—Claude C., March, 2010

"Dear Water Specialist,
Bonnie and I have been well pleased with the installation/operation of the system you installed.  The technicians took time to make sure the placement of the system in the garage wouldn’t present a problem with parking the cars.  They also were happy to address the concerns I had about the discharge pipe so that it would not drain into our new sod but yet discharge on our property.  And I’m happy to say that I haven’t found any water leaks under the house!!  They were courteous and professional as well.  Please tell them “thank you” from Bonnie and I.
Please also convey our thanks to (the technician) for resolving our problem.  I feel comfortable with his advice."

—J. C. W., Creedmoor, NC, March, 2010

I am writing in response to your postcard inquiring about my satisfaction with your services and with your service technician.  I have always been very pleased with the service that I have received from your company, and would recommend you without reservations.  (The technician) was very pleasant, professional, and helpful, and I appreciated that the work could be completed all in the same day. Thanks,"

—Shayne Z, Holly Springs, NC, March, 2010

I was very pleased with the install.
 - (The technician) was very professional, and personal.
 - He took the time to answer my questions.
 - He took the time (and effort) to perform the best installation.
Overall, I was very pleased, he represents your company very well."

—Chris A., March, 2010

"Dear Sirs:
Larry was here when (the technician) installed our filtration system. Larry was very impressed. (The technician) was efficient and did a very neat job. He explained the system to Larry. We have one question - (the technician) said the iron filter would backflush every 4 days and send out about 40 gallons of water. We never saw much water coming from it. We finally put a pan at the end of the pipe and do see water in it but the ground is never wet - at least not 40 gallons wet.

We are enjoying water without iron deposits and water free of bacteria.

—Larry W. & Marcia E., February, 2010

my name is Hans and you recently installed a filter/softener system and upgraded the supply lines in our home. We are extremely pleased with your service and your technician and his assistant.

We were purchasing the home when we noticed an orangeish tint in the water. An inspection/water test had revealed acidic water with iron content. An estimate by one company was made at which time the seller said he would prefer an estimate be made also by a company of his choosing which happened to be The Water Specialist! He was probably surprised when your appraisal of the situation was more in-depth than the original estimate. My brother-in-law, who lives locally and was handling this stuff for us, was immediately impressed by your professionalism, thorough research of the system and problems (which also included low pressure especially upstairs), and advised us that he thought we should hire you to do the work you proposed even though it was more involved than the original company's estimate. After reading your estimate myself, I agreed and felt that I'd rather do it right from the start and hopefully avoid future problems and dissatisfaction. I'd had a bad experience in Florida with a well system and had to do much reading and research about how these things are done and was quite impressed after speaking with you and your technicians who obviously were committed to "doing it right" and not just to sell some company's "system X." They took much extra time properly routing lines to service the fridge/icemaker and the kitchen sink faucet which was ordered to match. A company at our old residence had told us they did these things when in reality they hadn't. Your techs also took me on a tour of the work they did, explaining how everything was hooked up and what each piece of gear did. The extra plumbing they did in order to bypass each component and isolate problems or leaks should they occur was amazing.
Top notch work.

Also I wish to note that my mother thought the guys were "very polite and they took their shoes off when they came in."

Thank you Water Specialist!"

—Hans R., February, 2010

"To Whom It May Concern:
I had a new well pump installed on Dec. 26 at my home... in Hillsborough.
On Dec. 24, about mid-day our water supply cut-off and I immediately called The Water Specialist as I had an existing relationship with the company having used them once in the past.
The technician arrived within a few hours and performed several diagnostics before determining that a new pump was needed.  Unfortunately for us, our well is over 500 feet deep and since it was late afternoon and the sun was setting we learned that the work could not be completed that day.
Since the following day was Christmas we decided that we could make it one day without water and that the work would be completed on Dec. 26.  Early the morning of Dec. 26 (the technician) returned and within a few hours we had water again.
Although it did take close to two months for the water quality to return we have had no other problems and don’t anticipate any."

—Stephanie H., Hillsborough, NC, February, 2010

"Dear Water Specialist,
In 31 days since installing your system, our water has gone from looking like a red river to looking like clean water should.  Both the technicians who performed work here were as courteous as could be and seemed to be very knowledgeable about what they were doing.  While performing their duties, they kept me informed of what they were doing and what we could expect as a result.  We have been extremely pleased so far with the system.   This service was not cheap, of course, but when you consider the cost of a new well and our current well gives about 25 gal/min., our water problems should now be solved for life.  We appreciate your performance and keeping us informed as we went through this process.  Again, we look forward to enjoying good, clean water.  If at any time you would desire to use us as an endorsement of your service and product, feel free to do so."

—Linda & Roger W., Leasburg, NC, February, 2010