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Comments from Our Valued Customers
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"Dear Sir,
Just a note in response to your card. I don’t think anyone could have done a better job than Ron did on the installation of our new water system. I enjoyed meeting and talking with him for a few minutes before I had to leave for work. When I got home that evening everything was in place just as we had discussed. He was very professional and courteous to my wife when she got home and well as to me.

Thanks for a job well done. The system is working great."

—Martin M., Sanford, NC, November, 2009

"Hello folks,
On 9/15/09, (The technicians) installed a water softener and acid neutralizer at our house. The units are located in our garage.
We are pleased with their work. Based on what I observed that day, I rate them and their work A+. Plus, it was fun chatting with them. :)

Tomorrow I will put in the mail the "form" that gives information for scheduling the every 3-month service. Thanks!"

—Jim K., November, 2009

"Dear Water Specialist,
I received your card about sending in my comments on... the technician who serviced my request for help with my well back in September.

(The technician) was very professional and nice. He worked like a dog -- running back and forth between the well and the truck and various other places. He also stayed after hours (even though it was his anniversary) to make sure I got my water going.

I think it's hard to do some of the things that he did without two people, but he plugged away. I did feel like the services were a bit pricy but the outcome was good.

Thanks. Send (the technician) any time."

—Gina R., October, 2009

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the work performed. I apologize for the delay in my response...busy, busy..... Re-cap: On Wednesday, 8/5/09, (the technicians) installed a HaloSan sanitizer on the well-head and an acid-neutralizer (A/N) under the house; the former to reduce / minimize the iron bacteria based on a high-ish iron reading [2009 - 2.14mg/l] and the latter to remove / reduce the iron precipitate and increase the Ph of the water [2009 - 6.4]. The installation was performed, as previously explained by Ray, and was accomplished in a very professional manner. (The technicians) were congenial and proceeded with the tasks w/o delay. There have been no problems with the installation thus far. Good!

I do have a couple of questions which I plan to pursue at the three-month check-up:
1. I have searched the internet, scientific journals, spoken with colleagues at my medical center and other health care sites, but can only find Bromine or Bromochlorodimethylhydantoin listed as a sanitizing agent (biocide) for use on board ships, swimming pools / hot tubs and cooling towers, but have not yet been able to find published evidence based science where 'bromine' has been approved for residential potable water in the US. So I would like to discuss this further.
2. I have several questions about the settings of the timing mechanism for the A/N, as we experienced a significant power outage at the residence and the system was reset, but the accuracy of the re-setting is in question.
3. I am hoping that the efficacy of the sanitizer and the A/N will be assessed at the 3-month visit to establish the adequacy of the release of the bromochlorodimethylhydantoin and the adequacy of the A/N. I also presume that when Robert or Robbie come back for the 3-month check that they will also test the water for iron and acidity. ? But the water also be tested for bacteria, trihalomethanes, haloacetic acids, bromated and brominated DBPs? At least I would like to discuss this... U.S. EPA DBP maximum contaminant levels (MCL) are quite low, established at 0.01 ppm for bromate, 0.08 ppm for total trihalomethanes (TTHMs) and 0.06 ppm for haloacetic acids (HAAs).
Thank you, again, for allowing me to comment."

—Jim N., October, 2009

"To whom it may concern (does that translate to "Ray Sparrow"?):

During this recent contact with two members of your team, I was very pleasantly surprised to find two such likable fellows. Of course, (one technician) gets his good personality from his New York State origins but it was obvious to me that this man knows what he is talking about. (The other technician) is more local and also very pleasant to deal with.

(The technician) installed a system designed to reduce the acidity of my water. Actually, I have no way of knowing whether the "appliance" is performing to its designed capability but the former coloring of my basins, tubs, etc. seems to have diminished. While there is still some coloring, (the other technician) assured me that it is soaps, oils, etc. that cause the staining that I still have. I'll take his word for it and I'll continue to monitor the situation through the year.

I am quite satisfied, at this point, with the work that has been performed and you can be sure I will call you if I need you."

—Gerry B., Chapel Hill, NC , October, 2009

The Technicians you sent to install our new water system were very polite and professional. The water is clear and tastes great thank you."

—Bob S., October, 2009

"Dear Water Specialist,
I purchased a water softener system in Sept., I am still not sure what benefit this system is ? Your technician's also serviced my acid neutralizer tank. All work done by your technicians was done in an orderly fashion. I was extremely pleased that when everything was finished there was no cleanup left for me. Your staff was definitely interested to make sure I was satisfied with everything. I was equally assured that any adjustments were only a phone call away. I appreciated the technician taking the time to go over the maintenance schedule for all the tanks and filters now installed. I had the impression that your technicians had their own high level that everything was to be done right. I will attempt to keep up with all the maintenance requirements, any reminders you might send out would be appreciated. Thank you."

—Michael G., Raleigh, NC, October, 2009