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Comments from Our Valued Customers
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"To Whom It May Concern,
I would like to express our appreciation for the excellent service performed by your technician. Without warning our well pump failed in the early evening leaving our house without water pressure (having three children did not make the lack of water any easier). We called your answering service and (the technician) was quick to return our call and came out to our house that night. He stayed past midnight diagnosing our problem. Unfortunately, there was not a fix to the problem as the water pressure tank had failed which in turn caused the well pump to burn-out, requiring a full system replacement.

Thinking we would be days without water, I was very surprised and pleased to hear that (the technician) would be back the next day to install a new well pump system. (The technician) took the time to review different well pump options available to us and we are extremely pleased with the system we chose to have installed (Grundfos SQE constant pressure system). (The technician) and his associate did an great job installing the new system the next day (the technician having had little sleep and working that morning at another site). My wife, kids and I were thrilled to have water pressure before dinner time. We really appreciated (the technician's) professionalism, courtesy, and expertise to solve our well system problem, especially so quickly. I have already recommended your service to our neighbors and will not hesitate to recommend you in the future."

—Michael N., October, 2009

"Dear Water Specialist,
Hello, we are providing feedback on the installation/service of our water filter system. Our system was installed in July. (The technicians) arrived when we were told they would and they reviewed with me what they would be doing and how long it would take. They did what they said they would in the time they said they would. It was a very hot day and they worked hard, both in bringing in and installing the new equipment and un-hooking and removing the old (heavy) equipment.

When they completed the work, they gave us an overview of the system - how it worked, what we needed to do / watch for, and when to call them.

(The technicians) were very pleasant, professional and seemed to know what to do and how to do it. in the ~1.5 months we've had the system, we have been pleased with the quality of our water, and the lack of worry/maintenance on our part in keeping the system going. We would recommend Water Specialist to others!"

—Brenda P. & Carol S., September, 2009

"Dear Water Specialist,
I recently received a postcard asking for comments regarding our installation of neutralizer, halosan, and new hot water heater. I'm very happy with the work that was done. The technicians did a great job getting everything installed, and cleaning up.

One of them did mention that there would be a check done to make sure everything was working correctly and I also had thought someone might contact me regarding your scheduled service, neither of these things has
happened. I suppose someone might have come out to test the water again, but I wasn't informed of it or informed of any results.

So, the work was completed well and the water is certainly back to a much higher quality. I would like to know if you plan on checking the water again and what I need to do to replace media in the equipment."

—Tim M., September, 2009

"Dear Water Specialist,
Due to a high acidity level in our water, it was necessary to install a filtration system. I checked with three companies and chose the Water Specialists. Our filtration system was installed several weeks ago. The installation went smoothly and was done in a timely manner. Since that time, I have not seen the blue residue in the shower that was seen before.

I have noticed that the water feels different; it leaves my skin feeling smoother. The most noticeable difference is in my hair. The soft water leaves my hair feeling very soft.

Ultimately, I hope that the system is preventing the further erosion of the pipes in our water system."

—Rhonda B., September, 2009

"Dear Water Specialist,
Great job!!! We finally have clear water after two years of terrible brown water stuff. (The technician) was terrific he problem solved and fixed several issues. We have had two neighbors stopped by and ask questions about our satisfaction because they are having problems too!!
Many thanks!"

—JoAnn B., Efland, NC, August, 2009

"Dear Water Specialist,
It is with a great deal of pleasure that I provide you with some thoughts relative to the neutralizer and water softener system recently installed by (your technician) at our residence in Hillsborough.

I was sold on the system per the outstanding presentation made by Ray Sparrow and his attentiveness to my concerns and questions. When the day of the installation came, one of my old high school students was the installer. I was (the technician's) high school principal at Orange High School in Hillsborough. There was a well thought plan on how the installation would proceed.

(The technician) cleaned up after himself after each phase of his installation and then when he was finished he took the time to explain this and that and where the new shut off valve was.

I was extremely pleased with the entire process with Waterspecialist and with Ray Sparrow and (your technician). (The technician) is a great good will ambassador for your company."

—Stephen H., Hillsborough, NC, August, 2009

"Dear Water Specialist,
In response to the postcard I received requesting feedback on the service provided by The Water Specialist and the technician who installed our water filtration system, I have nothing but good things to say. The gentleman who originally came to check out our system was extremely knowledgeable and took the time to explain how our current system was set up, what was causing the issues we were having, what his recommendation was and exactly how it was going to correct the issues. Once we had made a decision to move forward with this project, we were able to get an appointment very quickly. Our technician called to let us know he was running a little late because of poor directions, but when he got to our home got to work quickly. (The technician) was very friendly, professional and efficient. He answered any question my husband or I had. He also took a look at our on demand system (as was discussed with the first person who came out for the quote). He checked a pressure filter (?) and showed us where it was so we could keep a check on it. When he finished he explained the system to us so we would know what to expect and what we need to do to maintain the system. We have been very satisfied with our system so far. Our water looks and tastes better. We have much better water pressure as well.

Hope this information is helpful."

—Sue H., August, 2009