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Comments from Our Valued Customers
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"Dear Water Specialist,
I am writing this to tell you what a great job (the technician and his helper) did when they came to my house to install the water treatment equipment, install reverse osmosis, replace the pressure tank, and remove the anode from the water heater. They did the job on 25 June; I have waited a little to make sure everything is working well. They were professional, very polite, and willing to explain anything I asked. They arrived prepared with the equipment they needed and even dealt with unexpected things efficiently. I know that part of the job dealing with a shallow part of the crawl space was difficult and they did it without complaint. They finished the job in one day even though there was a lot to do. The next day I found that the water heater was leaking and they came back to fix that.

I am very impressed--both by your visit to analyze the water, and by the work done..."

—Kathy S., Chapel Hill, NC, July, 2008

"Dear Water Specialist,
I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you to you and your crew... for all your help and professionalism throughout the whole process of our well predicament. Your men demonstrated a great amount of expertise, compassion, and friendliness throughout the time spent with us. Great results, great work, and I would recommend your services to anyone that needs them. Its been a pleasure doing business with you and your crew. Thanks for everything."

—Lloyd G., May, 2008

"Dear Water Specialist:

Thank you for assisting me in the planning and execution of my irrigation well.  You made the difference.  (They) found a great site... and (the technician) is an exemplary employee.  He was professional, efficient and effective.  His communication skills are superb and he connected with me and answered all my questions.

I'll be telling more of my friends about The Water Specialist.

Please know that should any problem develop, you will be the one for me to call.  A well is for a long time.

It was such a pleasure to crank it up last Thursday and run all my zones.  I take credit  for the recent rains.

Best regards,"
—Bob B., April, 2008

"Dear Water Specialist,

I would like to personally thank (the technician) for a job well done. (The technician) arrived and we discussed the installation in detail. (The technician) installed the equipment. Everything was square and plumb and you could see the attention to detail that went into his work. You can tell he takes pride in his work. (The technician) and the job he accomplished was very much appreciated.

Again, thanks for a job well done."

—Darryl K., March, 2008

"Dear Water Specialist:

...I wanted to share some positive feedback with you regarding one of your Water Specialist employees...

Last Sunday night, we ran out of water. I placed a call to The Water Specialist and was treated professionally and within minutes received a call from your technician. When I explained our situation, he responded immediately and offered to come to our home that night. I was only calling to get on your list for the following day, Monday. He arrived and immediately began to assess the situation. The night was rainy, hot and humid. Not comfortable conditions for doing the work he performed. But, by the time he left he had diagnosed the problem, pulled the old well pump and had a plan for the following day to get us back up and running with water. He took the time to explain what would occur and prepared a reasonable estimate of cost.

On Monday he arrived and went right to work. I was out at an appointment when he arrived, but on my return he had already run the new line with electrical connection, and new pump installed. Again working in what I would consider uncomfortable conditions, rainy, hot and humid. But he stuck with it and had the job completed in a very professional, and efficient manner.

My apologies for not remembering the gentleman's name but he was very professional, courteous, and above all responsive. He handled the job with a great sense of humor. I do not envy him for the conditions he was working under. He explained what would happen after the well was up and running and how long we would need to monitor our use of water due to the chlorine shock placed in the well. I cannot state strongly enough how much I appreciated the work of this individual. He is a true professional and handles himself very well, at least he did in our situation.

We have worked with your company for the past 5 years with our plumbing needs and the installation of a water filtration and softening system so we are familiar with The Water Specialist. Many thanks."

—Tim, G., June, 2006, Chapel Hill, NC

Dear Mr. Sparrow,

I am writing to you to tell you about a very positive experience I had with your company, The Water Specialist.

We have lived in our home for just over 1 year and have never had a house with a well. Last Saturday, we experienced a problem with the well and we didn't really know what to do. I decided to look in the phone book. I noticed the ad for The Water Specialist. I called the number and someone answered quickly. I was greeted by a nice man who was very efficient in asking questions. He told me that someone would get back to me right away. I figured that would be about 1 hour. Approximately 5 minutes later the phone rang. (The technician) asked a couple questions and said he could be at my house by 1:30pm (it was noon when I spoke to him). I wasn't expecting that I could even get service that day so I was pleased to hear that someone would be out in less than 2 hours.

(The technician) drove up at exactly 1:30pm. Right away he began troubleshooting the problem. He worked very hard for several hours in the heat. He was professional, courteous, knowledgeable and kind (he bought my son and I milkshakes!). He fixed the problem, which turned out to be bigger than initially expected, and I was a happy customer. The price was also very reasonable.

I felt compelled to write to you expressing how very good (the technician) was and also to let you know that in this day and age of bad customer service that it was a pleasant surprise that The Water Specialist provided excellent customer service. I will recommend your company to anyone in my neighborhood that needs well service."

—Megan T., June, 2006

"Dear Water Specialist:

We were very impressed by your repair agent during our water emergency last week.

First, however, we were grateful at the speed with which your company responded to our problem.

(The technician), being already tied up with another problem, kept us informed as to his actions and probable arrival time. He could not reach us until 9:00 PM, but was very determined to see us with running water before he left. He worked steadily and efficiently, completing the work of seeing us with a working waste system before leaving finally at about 2:00 AM. It was not the best of working conditions, but he kept his friendly and up-beat manner throughout.

By the way, The Water Specialist put the pump into this system when we built the house some twenty-two years ago, and this worn out wire was the first trouble we have ever had with the pump system. Again we thank you for your assistance."

—Mark S., March 2006, Chapel Hill NC

"Ray Sparrow,

I would like to thank you for helping us with our recent dilemma. As you know we were selling our home & disclosed to the potential that we had two low yielding wells, one 600' & the other 700' deep, both used to furnish our water supply by alternating every twelve hours with a time clock & contactors. The buyer moved in a few days prior to closing & with a toilet running all night & excessive usage of water on their part one well was depleted of water prior to closing. The buyer was able to switch over to the other well that furnished an adequate supply of water for only a few days. With your help & concern for our problem you were able to get a crew to our home promptly. We thank you for this & due to the efforts of your crew & yourself we were able to sell the home. If we can ever be of any help to you or you would like to use me as a reference please do not hesitate to do so."

—Brian S., September, 2005, Asheville, NC

"Dear Mr. Sparrow,

The improvement in water delivery at our home is almost beyond description. We now have both quality and pressure. Faced with re-drilling our existing well deeper, drilling a new well, or refracting, we chose refracting based upon the lengthy and detailed telephone discussion I had with you. Thanks for explaining the process in considerable detail and in layman's terms. Based upon this discussion, refracting was the solution of choice.

Beyond my satisfaction with the overall program, I'd be remiss in not mentioning the manner in which (the technicians) went about the business of getting water. (The technicians), working in a restricted space, with at times stubborn equipment and contending with rain, went about their work in a most professional manner. Additionally, each took time to explain the steps of the process, adding confidence to our decision to refract. The Water Specialist can be justly proud of these two men.

Thanking you for your professionalism, we wish you and your staff continued success."

—Joe and Shannon F., September, 2005, Raleigh, NC