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Comments from Our Valued Customers
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"Dear Water Specialist,
In May 2009, (the technician) replaced our water system on an extremely rainy day. I wanted to let you know how incredibly much we appreciated his consideration while working on the system. I can't begin to count how many times he had to go in and out of our basement during that day, but he removed his shoes each and every time so as not to track in mud/dirt. I have to say that I have never had someone who comes in to work on my house be so conscientious. Due to (the technician's) great work and considerate manner, we will definitely refer people to your company.

—Michele R., June, 2009

"Dear Water Specialist,
In March we had an acid neutralizer and full water treatment system installed, along with a new water heater. I was pleased with how thorough (the technician) was with the installation and cleaning afterwards. The system seems to work well, although I am looking forward to the 3 month check to have all the water tests redone to verify that our water is no longer too acidic. My only recommendation with this process is that another water test be conducted about 1 or 2 weeks after the water softener/treatment system is installed. (The technician) did show me the results of the test he ran before leaving after the installation; however, it seems to me that it took at least 3 days to notice the full softening in the feel of the water. Would the acid in the water respond the same way? Another ph test would have been helpful just to verify the change. I am hopeful that we won't need to worry about continued erosion in our pipes and faucets now.

Overall we are pleased with the great work your team has done."

—Wendy and Ed C., June, 2009

"Dear Water Specialist,
We are very pleased with our water system. (The technician) was very professional and knowledgeable. Thank you for making this a pleasant experience.

—Kevin McW., Pittsboro, NC, June, 2009

"Dear Water Specialist,
 We were pleased with our new water softning system.The work was done on time and seems to be working well. Our technician was frie4ndly and professional. The only negative was the salt tank had a leak and when he replaced it that day it looks as if something was spilled on a couple of spots of the lawn and killed the grass in these areas. The spots were relatively small and I will repair them. Overall we are pleased with your service and our water taste and smells better.

—David & Annette W., June, 2009

"Dear Water Specialist,
You sent me a card asking for comment on (the technician.) He was great! He was super nice, thorough and worked around painters we had the sameday. He answered any questions I had. The following week we had a problem that we noticed after work. I called the 24 hour line and in no time at all, Ron called me back and verified that what I had done to stop a leak was correct. He was out the next morning to fix the problem.

We love the system! My lime stains on dishes have not reappeared and no rust in the toilet bowls. Why did I wait so long???"

—Beth R., Durham, NC, June, 2009

"Dear Water Specialist,
I got a postcard asking about our satisfaction with your recent service. We had a clorine dispenser installed on our well to fight the bacteria which is causing discolored water at our home. So far, we can smell the clorine in our water, but still have the discolored water. It appears to be getting better, but has not completely resolved as of yet. Mr Sparrow told me it would probably take about 6 weeks to notice the change, so we have about 4 more weeks to go. I am really hoping that the water does clear up soon.

(The technician) apparently did a good job as we were not home when he did the work. He left no trash or any mess in the yard by the well, so I was happy with that. I think (the technician) or Mr Sparrow said someone would be back to monitor the well at the end of June. We need to be there then so you can show us how to load the tablets into the dispenser and what else (if anything) we need to do to maintain it.

Mr Sparrow also spoke of a better sediment filter that would fit our existing casing in the basement. Please bring me 3 or 4 of those when you come at the end of June. I appreciate Mr Sparrow's expertise and am satisfied overall with where we are with this situation..."

—Loyd T., June, 2009

"Dear Water Specialist,
We like our new water system.*Your installer was "top notch"!. I do, however, have a slight concern about the "salt-blocks" that you use for our "salt"...seems like these bocks are not dissolving (they appear to be the same size as when they were placed into the unit) . The r/o water quality is o.k.//Donna says it tastes a litttle "salty", though. Overall, we would reccomment your company to our neighbors.


—Bob & Donna R., Youngsville, NC, June, 2009

We have utilized your company for over 20 years, this is the second time you have replaced our deep well pump, in addition to service we also purchase our acid neutralizer crushed limestone from you. Your prices seem to be higher than what I can purchase from other service companies but your service is the reason we keep coming back. (The technician) did not disappoint us. He had a full days work laid out in front of him but he stopped by to meet me first thing in the morning allowing me to get to work and not miss an entire day waiting for a service tech to show up just to identify the problem. He then reappeared at approximately 5:30 PM with help and began to work.

He realized that the local switch controlling the pump wasn’t working and when I called home we coordinated my picking up a new switch on my way home to save him time and not have him running out to get a part while he could be changing the pump. I believe he and his helper were done within just a couple of hours and we are back to normal again.

We will continue to call you folks when we have any water issues. Thank you."

—Mike and Gale A., Chapel Hill, NC, May, 2009

"Dear Water Specialist,
i'd like to thank you for solv ing our problem. Since he installed the new well pump and made adjustments we no longer have trouble with tannins in our water.
We are very pleased with the water treatment service."

—Luther L., Roxboro, NC, May, 2009

"Dear Water Specialist,
I wanted to let you know that my wife returned last night from a business trip and noticed the improved quality of the water right away. We purchased the house two years ago as a major fixer upper and as a result have had many contractors on-site. (The technicians) were by far the most courteous, conscientious and detailed oriented group yet. It was a pleasure to work with them.

One other item I wanted to follow up on. Ray had mentioned a twice a year service contract, and (the technician) mentioned there may be a once every three month service contract. Could you send more info on the various service contracts, how often you would visit and what type of checks are covered during those visits? Ray had mentioned that over the first year as the bromine begins to control the microbes the operating of the system will need to change, I want to make sure we keep on top of it. Thanks."

—Robert L., Raleigh, NC, May, 2009

"Dear Water Specialist,

I was quite satisfied with the work done and expertise of the specialist. He in particular seemed very knowledgeable."

—Tom K., Pittsboro, NC, April, 2009