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Comments from Our Valued Customers
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"Subject: Satisfaction Level
I am responding to the post card that you sent regarding the technician... who installed our water filtration system back in late December. He was here when he said he would be here. He was courteous and informative. He took his shoes off when he had to come inside. He was polite and worked to complete the installation in a timely manner. When he was finished he explained to me the whole process of the installation and how to turn things down if the need were to arise.

All in all, I was very pleased with the installation and the technician."

—Barbara McT., January, 2010

"Subject: Thoughts on Services
I have had three experiences with The Water Specialist. First was to install a water conditioner/softener, second was an aerator and the third to replace a pressure tank. With all these experiences the office staff, the estimators and the installing technicians were courteous and efficient. The equipment was explained in detail and understandable. In some cases additional problems were identified and explained or repaired by the on site technician’s. Follow up with any problems were handled professionally. I would not hesitate to use there services in the future."

—John W. L., January, 2010, Cary, NC

"Subject: Water Softener
My folks, who live in Chapel Hill, highly recommended your firm for our new house.

We are very satisfied with the work that your crews did. The water tastes great. (The technician) came out to the house promptly and diagnosed our water needs. He followed up with me and returned my calls promptly. We had a softener and R/O system installed here with a bronze tap at the sink for the purified water. We really like it and really wanted to protect our new appliances from the hard water.

(The technician) also arranged to have an R/O system installed at my folks’ house (in) Chapel Hill, NC. My father was a little concerned that the regular softened water had elevated amounts of sodium. (The technician) said the R/O system would take care of that.

We look forward to working with your firm long term as we plan to be here forever."

—Eric L. T.. Durham, NC, January, 2010

"To (The technicians):
Thanks for the install of our new water treatment system. We had dealt with our discolored water for so long that the difference was astonishing. The water is now clear, tastes good, and my wife no longer has to worry about whether the water is going to be clear enough to wash clothes. I wish we'd have done this much sooner. I was not present during the install, but my wife says that you were professional, nice and informative. I would like to be present when you come to service the system to get some training on what I can do to help in the periodic maintenance that needs to be done, so please give me a call prior to your visit.

Thanks again!"

—Milton R., Chapel Hill, NC, January, 2010

I am writing on behalf of (the technician's) work in November-December. (The technician) repaired some existing plumbing in two bathrooms of the... home, and installed a new garbage disposal in the kitchen. (The technician) did an excellent job. He was patient when I relayed incorrect instructions from the owners to him, and did everything that was requested with impressive professionalism. He was friendly and his customer service skills were fantastic. His work was done very well, and the owners have experienced no problems with any of the repairs/install. His work also looks great!

Thanks so much to (the technician) and to the Water Specialist! We are very satisfied with the service we received."

—Whitney B., Durham, NC, January, 2010

"Subject: water system,
Recently you replaced my old water system with your new one. I am happy to say that my water is 100% better and I am very pleased with the new system. The work was done in a professional and timely manner, as was the clean-up afterwards. The technician was friendly and helpful in answering my questions.

Another job well-done. Thank you."

—Pat G. ( A very satisfied customer ), January, 2010

"To whom It May Concern,
I am replying to a letter sent to my home asking me to comment on the level of service after receiving my water softener system. I want to say that my technician... was outstanding and the service he performed was impeccable. And when I called if there was any type of issue you all were prompt to make sure that I was taken care of. I am very pleased with my system and this is probably the best investment I have made for my home.

I definitely recommend The Water Specialist for anyone who wants to take care and add value to their home. Wishing you the best this new year!"

—Alvis J. W., January, 2010

"Subject: satisfaction survey,
I am very pleased with the services your company recently performed at my home replacing a "fried" well pump and water system. (The technician) was extremely courteous and explained the situation clearly, and he followed up as he said he would. The workmen who came to dig the trench worked very hard and quickly. Also your office staff was very responsive and let me know exactly when I could expect the technician to come to do the initial assessment of the problem. It is wonderful to have water! I am happy with the work your company did and with all the personnel I had dealings with.
Good job! I would certainly recommend you to friends."

—Jo C., Hillsborough, NC, December, 2009