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Comments from Our Valued Customers
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"Dear Water Specialist,
We are enjoying clean tasting water. Those who did the installation did a good job."

—Sandra S., Chapel Hill, NC, August, 2009

"Dear Water Specialist,
We are extremely satisfied with the water softener. The sales process was excellent, and I don't think we were oversold. We compared two other providers of water softeners, and both seemed very pushy, as is we were purchasing a used car or time share, and we didn't have that impression with the Water Specialist. The cost of the product was less than the others we looked at, but at least one of the other providers tried to provide 4 years of soap and detergent with the product, so it was tough to compare apples to apples on cost (adding the soap and detergent to the sales process was not a plus for the competitor, but a serious drawback...).

The installation process (by the technician) was very thorough, and it looks professionally done. It took a little longer to install that we had anticipated, probably due to the relocation of the tank, but it was worth it at the end of the day.

We had one issue, unrelated to the water softener itself, that could have been resolved much sooner. We had old sediment at the bottom of our hot water tank that was stirred up with the installation of the softener. We had dirty looking water (as dark as iced tea) for up to 10 days after installation, and this could have been corrected much sooner had the tank been drained at the time of installation. I believe this should have been a standard part of the installation, instead of being a corrective action a week after installation.

However, your group did follow up repeatedly until the dirty water issue was resolved, so we would give your customer service and follow up actions high marks.

Overall, we're very happy with the product and its effects on our water. I would certainly recommend your product and company to our neighbors..."

—Lance B., Chapel Hill, NC , August 2009

"Dear Water Specialist,
Good job on the water system. It was completed very fast despite all I had done. The ultra-violet filter is awesome, I have no more green residue in my sinks. Water tastes good too.

No issues thus far and the technicians are very approachable. Good job!

—Manfred G., July, 2009, Fuquay Varina, NC

"Dear Water Specialist,
I received your postcard requesting feedback on our recent service.
Robert and Chuck were able to replace our well pump the day they came
out which was very important to us as it allowed us to have potable
water in the house fairly quickly. They were knowledgeable and did
excellent work."

—Gregg S., July, 2009, Chapel Hill, NC

"Dear Water Specialist,
All in all, I was satisfied with the service. Technician did not leave old pump or ask if we wanted it. It also seemed the price crept up after I was told I would save some for reusing wire. Speed and responsiveness was excellent! Knowledge and availability of parts and equipment very good

—Tim D., NC, July, 2009

"Dear Water Specialist,
 We highly recommend your service especially to home owners who deal with the woes of well water in North Carolina. We were having a real problem with not only the inability to drink our tap water, but also washing any white clothing. (The Water Specialist Technician) was fabulous in terms of not only great customer service, but his level of knowledge as to how we could solve our problem. We have had the new system up and running for about 4 weeks and we have seen a drastic improvement in our water quality and especially the softness of the water. The job was very well planned and coordinated without disruption to our daily routine. It is also wonderful that we no longer have to crawl under the house to change filters!. Also no embarrassing toilet bowl stains ever again.

Please feel free to publish our recommendation and we will be happy to share our experience with anyone considering this process."

—Thom F. & Darren S., July, 2009, Cedar Grove, NC

"Dear Water Specialist,
You replaced our well pump and wire on Monday, June 1; Ron was the
technician. I am completely satisfied with the response and the
results. The pump failed late on a Friday, of course, and the system
was up and running by Monday afternoon. We rely on this well, in
conjunction with another, for irrigation in our nursery. Though
irrigation is not as critical in early June as in July, the timely
response was greatly appreciated. After 1 month, and now when I really
need it, the system is functioning well. The cost was high, but in line
with what I would expect to replace a 10-year-old-pump down 600 ft.

—Bill C., July, 2009