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Comments from Our Valued Customers
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"Dear Water Specialist,
I understand that I should email you to compliment your company and its representative, who responded to a service request from us for the first time last week.  When our well water abruptly stopped we found your company listed on the internet and, after checking some, decided to give you a call.  During a busy week for us it was a great help that you responded quickly. (The technician) responded to the call on your behalf and immediately demonstrated that he would be both professional and courteous as he solved the problem.  I felt that he provided clear information to us as he diagnosed the problem and worked to solve it so we would understand the decisions he made and the solutions needed.  Though he ran into unexpected problems, he chose a sound solution on our behalf rather than an expedient one other companies might have chosen that would have left us with additional problems later.  He also remained flexible so that we could attend to demands in our schedule, while allowing him to finish the job.  Within a reasonable time the repair was complete and we again had water.  We especially appreciate the extra effort (the technician) took to insure that the fix would be a lasting one.  Because of his professionalism and your companies support of his work we have made it a point to keep a copy of your companies contact information and will call again if we encounter a problem in the future.  Furthermore, we will readily recommend your company to our neighbors and friends.  Thank you again for your professionally delivered, considerate and solid service at a price that treated your customers respectfully."

—Steve H., Hillsborough, NC, May, 2010

"Subject: good job
Hi (the technician) did a very good job he worked fast and did a great job i told all my friends about your company. thanks again"

—BERT & THERESA R., April, 2010

"Dear Water Specialist,
I am impressed with the Water Specialist. The appear to be knowledgable and skilled in their area of work, particularly regarding ways to improve water safety. They have given us honest assessments of our particular needs and have honored their work without additional cost. Their technicians are polite, reliable, and earnest. (The secretary) who answers the phone, is wonderful.
That said, I do think our water pressure is beginning to slow again. We've added extra equipment to prevent clogging of the Aquacore, so don't know if that's still an issue?

—Karen, April, 2010

"Dear Water Specialist,
We woke up the morning of 03/02 without any water.  (The technician) came and first completed diagnostics on the easy-to-replace hardware possibilities.  Then he pulled the submersible pump from the well and determined that the pump motor was the problem.  This was the original pump of 23 years, so I was pleased that it has lasted that long.  (The technician) gave me all of the options for a pump replacement and rewiring, and the associated cost.  He notified me of the chlorine water treatment that he was required to do, and the options for cleansing the water of the chlorine.
That day was the day that we had light snowfall.  I assisted (the technician) as much as I could.  We offered for him to come inside and get warm, but he stuck to the job until it was completed.  I was there most of the time observing his work.  (The technician) was very professional and friendly, and I was completely satisfied with his work."

—Lanny T., Chapel Hill, NC, April, 2010

"Dear Water Specialist,
I received an email from The Water Specialist about the technician who installed our new water de-hardening, iron removal, and filtration system.  

(The technician) was outstanding in every regard. He installed the new equipment exactly as he said he would, removed the old equipment, cleaned up after his work was done, reviewed the operation of the new system, gave us appropriate warnings about what we should expect for changes in the water (eg, slippery shower, use less soap, etc), and discussed what how we would interpret the values of the water  analysis at the next visit.   During the first three months after installation, everything he told us about has turned out to be correct.  We have greatly appreciated all of this help.

Thanks and best regards,"

—Tim N., April, 2010

"Dear Water Specialist,
We are very satisfied with the results of our installation by (the technician). The brown and stinky water is gone. Everything was clean and tidy when he finished.  I would have moved the reverse osmosis tank to another location if I had thought about it, like under the sink.
Also, can you find out where my whole house filter went? It was removed from under the house and we can’t find it anywhere in the garage or under the house. We were going to send it and the filters we have to our daughter for her house, but can’t locate it. Thanks,"

—Diane S., April, 2010

Thank you for the prompt response, particularly on a weekend, to our loosing our well pump. (The technician), in particular, responded in a very professional manor and is very competent. In the future, would you entertain the policy not to request payment the day services are rendered when dealing with a repeat client?
Thank you"

—Dick H., Chapel Hill, NC, March, 2010

Response from The Water Specialist:
We appreciate your response to our query regarding your service experience with us. I agree with you about (the technician), he has been a valued employee here at The Water Specialist for several years. He also worked successfully with us for quite a while in another business as well.

Re: your suggestion about billing. The reason our employees request payment with after hours service is that they do not have access to our customer records and therefore may or may not remember or know such information about who is who. So we have instructed them to ask for payment. They are also instructed to bring the paperwork into the office for billing should the customer request that they do so. I apologize that you were inconvenienced because of that policy. As a valued long term customer you can certainly, at any time, make a request for billing and we will gladly do so.

In closing, I would like to express our appreciation for your continued support over the years."

—Ray Sparrow, President, The Water Specialist, Hillsboro, NC, March, 2010