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Comments from Our Valued Customers
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"Subject: Re: Thoughts on Service
Thought your service was great.  Your technician was professional, courteous, and answered all our questions.
In fact, our satisfaction level with your work was so high that we would like you to come out and install the same system in our home. Please get in touch to schedule.
Thank you."

—Paige M., Pittsboro, NC, June, 2010

"Dear Water Specialist,
We received a post card requesting input about our satisfaction with the recent water softening installation that you all did for us.  It went very well and we are extremely happy with the system and the professionalism of the installers.  When you schedule your first maintenance visit, I would like to talk with someone, though, about a strong odor that has developed with the cold water.  
Thanks again.  We are very happy with the system."

—Bruce W., Department of Medicine, UNC, Chapel Hill, NC, June, 2010

"Hi Ray et al. -
A recent Monday (last week? two weeks ago?  who can say - not me)... your folks came and installed the Venturi/bypass assembly and pressure/"shower" tank in our basement, in our first attack on the anaerobic odor of our well water.  They were neat, courteous, and quite willing and able to explain to me what they had done and why.  Good guys.  We'd be happy to have them return for whatever might be needed.

And I'm happy to report that the water is now fine - no scent I can detect.  Carol, who has a much more sensitive nose, also doesn't notice anything.  When I shower I do occasionally get some air in the line, but only briefly, twice or three times, in the first 15 minutes or so (I take long showers).  I haven't noticed any air in the faucet lines.

Thanks.  So far, so good."

—Brad (& Carol) W., June, 2010

"Subject: Re: Replacing Well Pump
I appreciate how quickly my call was returned and your technician came when you said. (The technician) was delayed by about an hour, but he called to tell us. He was a very hard worker and explained our options to us. We choose to be on the safe side and go with totally replacing the pump. I would recommend The Water Specialist to my neighbors.

Thank you,"

—Diane J., Timberlake, NC, June, 2010

"Dear Water Specialist,
On the morning of May 14, our well pump stopped. No water and resetting the breaker did not help.
A call to the Water Specialist was made and within a couple of hours the technicians were here.
A very good response time.
The technicians traced the lines to the pump and confirmed the problem was indeed down the well.
The old pump was pulled and the new one installed with new wiring from the top of the well to the pump.
The technicians were very professional in their actions and knew what they had to do.
They had the job finished that afternoon.
They cleaned up the area and gave us instructions on purging the chlorine from the well.
I would rate the job very well done.
I would and have recommended the Water Specialist to others. "

—Frank N., June, 2010

"Dear Waterspecialist,
Your Technicians installed our filter system on 5/11 and have been back 2 times since then, once to make some adjustments and the second time to follow up and see how the adjustments were working out. Since that time, our water has been nice and clear, no problems at all and we are enjoying the pleasure of having clean water by just turning the tap on. I wish that we had found your company sooner!
Your technicians were the best we could possibly have expected. They worked the entire time that they were here and did not seem to mind having us underfoot. They were professional and knowledgeable about their work and the product that they were installing. I would recommend the technicians and your company to any of our friends or family. And last but not least, the sales rep made us feel very comfortable in making our decision to buy your product. He was able to answer any and all of our questions and explained the process very clearly.
Your satisfied customer,"

—Patricia B., June, 2010

In response to your request for comments on our satisfaction with the level of work by your team---we were very happy with all aspects of the installation. (The technician) was courteous, informative, and professional in all regards.  He explained the procedure and process beforehand and during install; kept us updated on progress; showed us the completed work; answered questions; etc. He was very careful to be sure there was minimal impact on the house and property. We were very impressed and intended to call to provide this review even if we had not received your inquiry.  We, of course, have had quite a bit of interaction with a large number of contractors and vendors during the course of construction and (the technician) is right at the top."

—Rob & Alice M., June, 2010