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Mary Ann Scherr: Professional Biography

Mary Ann Scherr's work with Body Monitors earned her the Honorary Degree, "DOCTOR OF HUMANE LETTERS", Defiance College Defiance Ohio. Her professional career began as a cartographer and illustrator for the Goodyear Aircraft Corporation, in Akron, Ohio. She was an automotive designer at Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan: a games and children's book illustrator/designer, Saalfield Publishing Company, Ohio; Maternity Fashion Designer, Stern Made Manufacturers, Boston / NYC; Graphic designer with Burton-Browne Ad Agency, Chicago; and Designer for Scherr & McDermott, Akron, Ohio/Korea/ NYC. She has designed for mass produced jewelry with the Reed and Barton Silversmiths,Taunton, Massachusets, and The Scherr Collections, NYC. She was a Consultant Designer with Perry Ellis, NYC. The United States Steel Corporation commissioned her to design a collection of Stainless Steel Jewelry as part of their U.S. Government proposal to affect the switch from silver to stainless steel coins in the USA. Primary research and development of electronic "Bodymonitors" with Dr.George Malindzak . Scherr has received U.S. Patents on the monitors. She has developed and copyrighted a unique process for etching metal with the RISO/GUCCO Co. Japan / Conn. and represented this company. The process was first demonstrated with Rio Grand /Albuquerque in Tucson, Arizona.

Mary Ann Scherr has designed toys for The Sun Rubber Company and baby furniture for Baby-tenda. In Raleigh she continues to design one-of-a-kind jewelry and small scale sculptures. She is currently a Metals Instructor at North Carolina State University /Craft Center; and Instructor at the Penland School of Crafts Summer programs, Penland, NC.

Mary Ann Scherr has received many awards for her work. She has lectured and exhibited through out the world, Moscow, London, Tokyo, Korea, Montreal, Toronto, Canada, Guyana, S.A., Trinadad and Caracas, Venezuela. She and her work have appeared at the White House; on CBS with Dan Rather; on NBC's "Today Show"; ABC's "Good Morning America", and the Johnny Carson Show, among others. She has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, Connoisseur, Fortune, Time, House and Garden, Omni, and Mirabella, among others in the USA, Germany, Russia, Japan and Venezuela. Her art works are included in over 130 publications.


Mary Ann Scherr has been awarded a "LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT" presented by the National Museum of Women In THE ARTS. WASHINGTON, DC 1993; "DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD", INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION. New York, NY 1986; "ASSOCIATE OF THE WARDEN" Goldsmiths Hall, London 1982; "DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD", National Society of Interior Designers 1968; NORTH CAROLINA GOVERNORS AWARD.FOR ACHIEVEMENT IN FINE ARTS" 2003; "AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE-BEST OF 1998", National OHIO Crafts Museum, Columbus, Ohio ; EXCELLENCE IN CRAFTS", Kent State University, Ohio 1995;"DRAWN TOGETHER". Cleveland Institute of Art, Ohio 1998 ; "MEDAL OF ARTS AWARD". City of Raleigh, NC Arts COUNCIL1997; Distinguished Women of North Carolina1994; NATIONAL METALSMITHS HALL OF FAME, 2002; "LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD" Society of North American Goldsmiths.-SNAG 2007.

* The National Museum of American Art / Renwick Gallery selected the "Waterfall" Necklace for their Permanent Collection.1996 ; The Museum of Art & Design, MAD selected the "Body Monitors" for their permanent collection 2013"

Since 1973, Mary Ann Scherr has exhibited her work in over 250 galleries, museums, hotels, businesses and medical facilities, including the The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA; Cleveland Museum of Art; The Philidalphia Museum of Art; Goldsmith Hall, London, England; The Chicago Art Institute; Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC; The National Ornamental Metal Museum Memphis,TN.; The Museum of Craft and Design, New York City; Mobilia Gallery, Mass; NC Museum of History, Raleigh, NC; 1997 S.O.F.A. Exhibition, Chicago; Bruce Museum, Greenwich, Conn.; Visual Arts Museum, Raleigh, NC; She is the auther of the Chapter on ETCHING in "The Penland Book of Jewelry", Lark Publishers. and her ETCHING PROCESS is featured in the book by Oppi Untracht, "JEWELRY CONCEPTS AND TECHNOLOGY ", Doubleday Publishers.