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Take an Encaustic Workshop! >>

Take an Encaustic Workshop!

Exploring Encaustic
with Dianne Rodwel

All materials, equipment, and instruction provided, $250.

Private, one-on-one instruction in the artist's studio–an unparalleled opportunity to study encaustics in the artist's creative environment.
This one-day, personalized workshop is for beginners or experienced encaustic artists. Prior painting or drawing experience not required. Most participants take home two finished encaustic tiles.

>> January 2016 workshops with Dianne Rodwell:
Sunday, January 10
Sunday, January 24

11 am – 5 pm with lunch break following demonstrations.

Limited to 3 participants per shop. Check with your friends and calendars, then call (Cell: 919.931.3625) or email me to set up your workshop adventure.
Visa, Discover, American Express and MasterCard accepted.

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Dianne Rodwell hot wax
hot wax on the griddle! © 2013 Dianne T. Rodwell
in the Artspace studio encaustic kitchen

View Dianne's encaustic albums on Facebook:
Dianne's Facebook landscapes portfolio

and Dianne's Facebook abstracts portfolio.

Exploring Encaustics Workshops with Dianne Rodwell
Beginners and experienced encaustic artists will all learn something new in this hands-on exploration of creating with beeswax. Learn brushing, rolling, collage and hot air manipulation of surface molten wax. Dianne will demonstrate the basic techniques of lifting, scumbling, layering and incising pigmented and unpipgmented encaustics. Students will be working on ceramic tile and encaustic board. From surface preparation to the framed finished work, Dianne will share contemporary approaches and tools for this ancient medium.

Dianne is having a solo encaustic show:
Canned Heat: The Art of Encaustic Painting
March 23 to May 23, 2016

opening reception:
Final Friday / Cary Art Loop,  April 29, 2016  6—8pm
Town Hall Gallery
316 North Academy St.
Cary NC
(919) 469-4061

VIEW: Dianne at The Clayton Center on YouTube.

Encaustics by Dianne T. Rodwell

Bus Stop, Bus Stop
beeswax on ceramic tile, 8 x 8"
collection of Ms. Jill Gammon

Exit 201
beeswax on birch, 20 x 20"
collection of Mr. & Mrs. William Vassey

Paradise Parfait
beeswax on ceramic tile, 4 x 4"

encaustic on tile, 4 x 4"

Dianne’s encaustic process: beeswax and damar resin crystals are melted and maintained at 220˚F, brushed in successive layers onto prepared substrate (tile or wood) and shaped with electric hot irons, hot air guns, or butane torches. After cooling and hardening, the wax is hand-buffed to a high sheen. Collector’s note: wax paintings are impervious to water. Each work is a titled, copyrighted, signed and dated original.

Dingo's Secret Life
wax resist/acrylics on rice paper, 17 x 11"

collection of Robert & Lucetta Zaytoun

Dragonfly Agenda
wax resist/acrylics on rice paper, 17 x 11"

wax resist/acrylics on rice paper, 17 x 11"

All images ©2013 Dianne T. Rodwell, all rights reserved worldwide.