Logo and Mural Designs for IBM FlexLine Facility @
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

Create a set of visualizations for graphic treatments of a 300' wall at the IBM Flexline facility. The design must use a set of three colors and geometric icons, representing the three areas of production: assembly, packaging and shipping. Graphiconsultants was also asked to refine a logo design from among a number of sketches provided by IBM designers.

A condensed font with even strokes was chosen to augment a smooth transition from the final "e" to the horizontal rule.The logo was rendered as a vector graphic to allow large scale reproduction.

In this rendering, the three icons are repeated along the wall and in the environments of each of the three areas. Morphed icons and colors form a transition from one area to another. The logo appears three times as a unifying, defining element for each area.

The IBM logo is a registered trademark of IBM Corporation.
FlexLine and Well Connected Enterprise are registered servicemarks of IBM Corporation.