Identity and Kiosk Design: Well Connected Enterprise

Design a kiosk to display photographs of a new IBM networking product/service. The theme: Well Connected Enterprise. An identity for the campaign must also be developed. 70 lightweight kiosks are to be designed, fabricated and shipped in eight days. The kiosks must hold photos ranging from 10" to 25". Kiosks will be assembled by salespeople at national seminar sites such as hotel lobbies and convention centers.

A repeating, text based surface treatment is chosen to accommodate the wide variety of photographs. Colors and fonts are taken from the IBM packaging of components of the new product line. An interlocking pattern of purple type, combined with a font/ground transformation, echoes the product theme, well connected.

Each kiosk is composed of two smaller kiosks standing side by side. Single kiosks may also be used individually for displaying small photographs. Each kiosk is silkscreened onto a 4x8' sheet of foamboard, scored, and folded to a triangular base. Both the left and right kiosks are printed from the same screen. Portions of the silkscreen are masked differently for each kiosk side to create an asymmetrical, dynamic design when the kiosks are used together. All silkscreen registration is tied to the score line where the two kiosks join together, to insure that every pair meets perfectly. Design Dimension, Inc., Raleigh, North Carolina, fabricated the kiosks.

The IBM logo is a registered trademark of IBM Corporation.
FlexLine and Well Connected Enterprise are registered servicemarks of IBM Corporation.