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Talking In My Sleep
Limited edition of 5
10.5 x 15"
framed 16 x 20"
digital mixed media/ 200 year archival print

My typical dreamscape: unending spaces composed of places that no longer exist. Each door, hall, room or street leads to new variation on its predecessors. These organic forms exhibit high levels of fracticality.

As seen at:
Longview Gallery, Forever Lost? Exhibition
Raleigh NC, 2007

In dreams, just as in real life, we sometimes roam the streets of a neighborhood or walk the rooms of a house searching for someone deeply missed. In dreams, each door, hall, or street can lead to a new variation on its predecessors, emphasizing the repetitious, circular futility of the search. Mirrored rooms in boardwalk fun-houses intrigue us because they mimic these dream spaces and take us to the edge of a waking dream state.

Talking In My Sleep is a dreamscape colosseum composed of an impossible, experiential structure that is open to the elements. It will soon collapse into the dawn of the waking world that peeks through the walls.

{The source photos are an abandoned stable after a fire had destroyed the main farm house and its occupant. I had been there often as a child with my mother. She died a few months after we took these photographs together.}

All images copyright 2009, M. Blair Ligon,
all rights reserved worldwide.