Restoration and Reproduction of Damaged Images and Photographs

·We can enlarge and sharpen blurred photographs, heirlooms and historical documents.
·Transform old and faded photos into restored high resolution digital images.
·Repair torn, wrinkled, creased, stained, and damaged images.
·Restore faded, damaged colors, or specify new colors.
·Restored digital images can be stored on a CD or other computer media.
·Restored digital images can be reproduced as archival prints, slides, or negatives.

before after
Before and after details from the restoration of
Samuel Ashberry Williams, circa 1840.

Each restoration is a custom order. We consult with clients about what might constitute a feasable and desirable restoration. For example, the restoration shown above of Samuel Williams required sharpening and tonal changes across the entire image, while some large areas of background and clothing were left unretouched to preserve the authenticity and character of the aged image. Some extreme damage to the background was repaired where it was a distraction or worked against the overall composition of the restored painting. This paper-glued-on-canvas painting was literally falling off its backing and would soon have been lost forever.

Clients are provided with archival inkjet prints (gicleés), slides, or negatives. Your digital files are permanently archieved at Graphiconsultants so that you may order additional reproductions in the future. Portraits may require an additional photography or scanning fee. Additional portaits may be purchased at any time following the PRICE CHART.

We take pride in providing clients with the highest possible quality of restoration of their valuable images. While the originals and prints always have a limited lifetime, digital files may be copied and reproduced ad infinitum, existing unchanged for as long as someone cares to store them.

Beyond restoration, we also offer creative portraiture and interpretation by Blair Ligon and other professional artists. Call Blair today to talk about your special inspiration for preserving your memories and traditions.

Image Restoration Prices


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