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Oceanic 2
Limited edition of 10
18 x 24", framed & matted to 30.5 x 35" in graphite florentine metal

also available:
16.5 x 22"
22 x 29.3"

I've always felt at home in the quiet of the after-hours carnival, in the early-morning rusty city, or the empty building in the night. Beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti's 1958 "Coney Island of the Mind" put the surrealism of the man-made night world of electric light and shadows into words-- words which help me to express my feelings in images. "Oceanic 2" visits the Carolina Beach boardwalk in the off-season-- the only other witnesses to the empty bumper cars building are the undemonstrative fish.

Merit Award
New Works Exhibition
Artspace, Raleigh, NC, 2001

2nd Place Award
Room With A View,
Visual Art Exchange, Raleigh NC, 2007

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