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Limited edition of 50
15.4 x 22" framed & matted to 22 x 28" in green beaded metal

also available:
12.6 x 18"
13 x 18.6"
15.4 x 22"

cover illustration for Green Pages Magazine.

Honorable Mention, Professional Graphics, North Carolina State Fair,
1993 Professional Fine Arts Competition.

Homecookin' is a composite of thirteen black and white images, including seven views of two buildings. After the windows and doorway were arranged, a section of brick façade was replicated many times to create a consistent wall surface. The bricks were then painted with transparent colors and shadows were added to emphasize architectural details and create a single source for the daylight. I was greatly influenced by Norman Rockwell's Homecoming GI, 1945, a Saturday Evening Post cover.

The residents of an imaginary tenement watch a  passing parade. Conversely, the viewer is on the street, watching the building march across time.

All images copyright 2009, M. Blair Ligon,
all rights reserved worldwide.