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The Corner of My Eye
Limited edition of 10
18 x 24" framed & matted to 29 x 34", in graphite florentine metal

also available:
16.5 x 22"
22 x 29.3"

As seen in these juried shows:

1st Place, Professional Graphics
NC State Fair,
Raleigh, NC
2003 Professional Fine Arts Competition

Meredith College, Raleigh, NC
2002 Raleigh Fine Arts Society Artists Exhibition

Artist's Statement / 2002

The current technical focus of my work is noise. Noise from digital images is magnified and manipulated to reveal underlying levels of order. The surface noise created by the decay of man-made structures and objects is also exaggerated, layered and explored. Source images for this painting were taken in a country house from my childhood, unoccupied for 30 years. The vines and roots really do grow into the sunny, dry rooms, though not in the configurations you see here.

The theme is a collection of metaphysical symbols for the cycle of life: 1. The womb, the corner from which there is only one exit. 2. The room, the set of possibilities for a life bounded by the limits of time and space. 3. The veiled window of death and the unlimited possibilities beyond the glass. I tried to create a tension using a romantic, Gothic topic coupled with references to images from a microscope and science.

I like to think the piece is optimistic, that the small rainbow of color is enlightenment.

—M. Blair Ligon

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