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A Banquet for Albert Buntz
Limited edition of 50
13.5" x 19.5" Cibachrome print, framed to 24 x 30", double mat, black metal

also available:
10.5 x 15.7
15.4 x 23"

Albert Buntz was born in the 1930's near my homeplace in SC. Over the years, pictures of Albert at different stages of life have made their way to me from a variety of sources. Albert apparently played an active part in the lives of people throughout the community, yet it is quite likely that Albert would have been institutionalized had he been born today, as Albert was considered mentally disabled. In our rural society, Albert held down a job, married a woman of normal intelligence and had a son. The stoic, blank stare of his baby picture is still there in later photographs. I couldn't find Albert's birth date, but I did throw him a party in the Winthrop College Dining Hall.

Second Place, Professional Graphics,
North Carolina State Fair,
1995 Professional Fine Arts Competition.

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