Limited Edition Digital Prints by M. Blair Ligon
Colorfast for over 200 years

Archival Epson UltraChrome prints are the finest, most long-lasting inks available for digital art. They are produced on a variety of acid-free papers. The longevity of these prints is greater than the best watercolor and pastel renderings, far greater than that of offset prints. Print resolution is about ten times that of traditional offset lithography. The claim of "200 years" means that a color expert could not tell the difference between a new print and a 200 year old print with the naked eye.

Unlike some computer artists, who destroy their data files after an edition is printed, Ligon's files are preserved at a number of sites. If your print should become damaged, it can be replaced for a reasonable fee, upon receipt of the corner of the print containing the signature and print number. Print editions are generally in numbers of 5 to 50. Prints are usually produced as they are ordered, so an edition may or may not be printed in its entirety. Some editions of computer paintings may not conform to this price list. If you do not see the size you desire on the artwork's web page, please make an inquiry about a custom size.

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Custom Size Digital Print Prices · M. Blair Ligon · February, 2015
All custom size prices are subject to change without notice.
Some award-winning artworks carry a premium.
Unframed prints are shipped FREE to anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Archival Prints on Fine Art Paper
or Radiant Watercolor Paper:

editions of 10 or less:
$1.40 print/per square inch
$1.80 matted/per square inch
$2.00 framed/per square inch

editions of 50 or less:
$1.00 print/per square inch
$1.40 matted/per square inch
$1.60 framed/per square inch

open editions:
$0.80 print/per square inch
$1.20 matted/per square inch
$1.40 framed/per square inch

Canvas or pH-Buffered Paper:
Add $0.25/square inch.

Wooden Frames:
artwork over 8x10": Add $80.
artwork over 14x18": Add $160.
artwork over 18x22": Add $220.
artwork over 24x30": Add $300.

Minimum Order: Dimensions under 8x10" are billed at the 8x10 rate. For example: a 4x12 artwork would be billed as 8x12". A 4x6 artwork would be billed as 8x10".

A specific paper has been chosen for each computer painting, so an image may not be available at the very largest sizes, depending on the limitations of the paper stock sizes.

Museum-quality framing: Only the finest acid-free materials are used in constructing our professionally framed giclée prints. All mats, foundations and adhesives are archival and chosen to preserve your valuable artwork.

Please eMAIL for confirmation of print availability and cost.

Send payment to:
1913 Medfield Road
Raleigh, NC 27607-4731

Shipping and Handling is included in the price of your unframed print.
Framed prints will require a quote for shipping.
Orders shipped to North Carolina add 6.75% state sales tax.
Send us your name, account number and expiration date via email, regular mail, or contact us by telephone at (919) 455-1431.

Sorry, no overnight shipping unless we have the print in stock. Most orders are custom printed in order for us to offer a variety of sizes within an edition. Normal shipping time is 4 to 6 weeks (especially between Thanksgiving and Christmas).