M. Blair Ligon · Computer Painting · Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

Pietra Dura
Limited Edition Fine Art Print
Digital Pigment on Archival Paper

"The structure of a tree, mountain or cloud can be replicated even in their smallest components and details. I often attempt to craft landscapes from a few small photographic elements—a twig becomes a tree, a leaf becomes a forest, a blade of grass becomes a savannah, a puddle becomes a river, a board becomes a house. These organic patterns—from the cosmic to the microscopic—are the visual language that precedes numbers, proportion, and line."

'My work combines photography, illustration and computer manipulation to express the beauty and vitality of Nature even as Nature is being stressed by human disturbances. Just as the bonsai artist grows his tiny creations within a restricted miniature space, I grow landscapes from the patterns found in the details of my photographs. Noise and pattern exist not only in the external world, but also in the little universes that are our selves." —M. Blair Ligon

Ligon prints award-winning art on various archival papers using only Epson UltraChrome and Epson UltraChrome K3™ inks. These inks retain their color without any visible fading for over 200 years even with constant exposure to sunlight. UltraChrome™ inks actually protect papers from acids in the environment. Unlike other media on paper, such as watercolor or pastel, the colorfastness of Ligon's prints is determined by the paper, not the media that is applied to it. Epson chazracterizes the Ultrachrome inks as "scratch-proof", the paper, of course, is not.

Framed artworks use only acid-free, museum-quality archival mounting, matting and backing.

All images copyright 2009, M. Blair Ligon,
all rights reserved worldwide.